San Diego Real Estate Taxes

What is the tax rate in San Diego?

-The tax rate in san diego is 1.125% per year. 

How Do I calculate the taxes on my San Diego Home?

- Lets say your home is worth $300,000, your yearly property tax bill would be $300,000 x .01125 = $3,375 per year or $281.25 per month

Can I pay my taxes with my mortgage payment each month?

-Yes, when getting a loan you want to set it up with impounds. This means you will be paying a monthly amount to your mortgage company who will set it aside in an escrow account and pay it for your every 6 months when due.

Can I lower my property taxes?

- Yes, you can fight your homes value in San Diego if you feel the value of your home has gone down. Please contact us for more information.